A downloadable game for Windows

Applewood is a fruit-centric, lore-rich imp-ing game with the following cool features:

- Thoughtful, resource-management-based platforming
- You can fly!
- A totally-interconnected, hand-crafted 2D world
- You CAN'T attack directly (that's rude)
- Figure out clever ways to deal with conflict (the polite way)
- Use items found in the environment to solve problems
- You can ride an octopus
- Lots of cool characters*
*Some of them are jerks

It was made entirely by one person over the course of four years and counting. It's still in development! In fact, this isn't even the full game, it's just a demo! Whoops!

Please enjoy it, I worked hard on it.


Fun/cool lore video:

Website: http://applewoodgame.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApplewoodGame

Tumblr: https://applewumblr.tumblr.com/

Harass me by email: applewoodgame@gmail.com


Applewood Demo.exe 42 MB

Install instructions

It's a .exe, so your antivirus software might think it's dangerous. I'd tell you not to worry about it but I'm not sure how much my word is worth since I'm also the guy giving you a suspicious .exe file to download.

Once you've got it, I'm pretty sure you can just double-click to run it.


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Great game with great pixel art! :)


Really liked the demo, it' was cool to go through three different 'scenarios'. And the apples are tasty. :)


I had a play of the first level - Sapling Town and I really enjoyed it. Here's the video and well done DEVS.

All the best




I just want to say that i loved this demo, the puzzles are clever and the gameplay is functional, cant wait to see the full version!